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Originally Posted by Bolg View Post
...The 70's expulsion of Turks was straight-forward, no name-changing went on then. It wasn't very successful, number-wise.

Now for the 85-89 expulsions, Turks were given the choice to change their names to Bulgarian ones or to depart for Turkey. Predictably, they chose the second. Weren't it for the "international community"'s dedication to "human rights", there would be no Turks here.

As for East-Germans escaping to Turkey via Bulgaria, never heard of that. Trying to cross the most tightly-watched frontier in Europe (at the time) was stupid, in my opinion. A clever route would've been crossing into Italy or Austria, via Yugoslavia. Yugoslavians used to be able to travel anywhere.
There must have been a good reason why they didn't do just that



...Until today no one really knew how many of them were killed by Bulgarian border guards while trying to cross the border. The archives of Bulgaria's communist-era services were kept closed until a year ago when the law stipulating the procedures for opening and publishing information from the archives gave the commission the right to deal with Bulgaria's communist past...

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