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Default ADHD and other 'mental disorders'

The pill and shrink industries are a huge scam, making up phony 'mental disorders' such as ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).

How are these diagnosed? Is it by doing brain scans, or confirming the PHYSICAL presence of some chemical/pathogen/diseased tissue somewhere in the body?

Nope. They are 'diagnosed' by some Jew shrink asking questions about you (or your child's) behaviour and then drawing a conclusion based solely on this information. They then prescribe Ritalin, or some other 'psychotropic' drug to which, for all we know, could cause serious and permanent damage to the brain.

In other words, this whole industry is just another case of worthless junk science promoted for the purpose of profit, and at the expense of your wallet and your brain.