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Leshrac, there may be a few children out there who are truly seriously hyperactive and in need of medication, but most are not. I read medical records for fourteen years and believe me, you begin to see patterns emerge where childrens' disabilities are concerned.

Niglets, children of parents who never spent two seconds reading to or teaching their children how to sit quietly and amuse themselves, etc. These are the kinds of children who repeatedly get diagnosed with ADHD and put on meds. Children have to be taught how to sit quietly and read or work on a puzzle or color in a book, or draw freehand, etc.

I'm telling you, children are like puppies, if you don't teach them well early on, you get out of control children who never behave well. Hahaha It's not really that farfetched to see the parallels there. The difference between a well behaved adult dog and an out of control adult dog is how that dog was trained as a puppy. Most of the time.

Hyperactivity is a scam, and the taxpayers are footing the bill. And the nigger mamas are lining up to get all their children on disability. And now the white mamas are following suit.
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