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Yeah, Gen Lee, you're right. And there are whole families receiving checks now. The thing about disability adjudication, and this is the crux of the matter, is that for the process to work correctly, you have to have everyone on the same page. In other words, you have to have everyone playing by the same rules and adhering to the rules in place, so there is not a weak link in the process.

Unfortunately, now there are a lot of weak links in that process. One of the reasons I got fired was because I couldn't or wouldn't work faster and put out a crappy end product--an incorrect disability decision. The jew lesbian bitch who was the Director of our agency at the time told me to my face "The claimant doesn't want a correct decision, they want fast decision". Oh really????

For the process to work correctly, the adjudicator has to have enough integrity to want to put out a correct decision which usually means taking the time to collect all or enough medical evidence to make a correct decision based on the allegations by the claimant. That can take some extra time that the government says you don't have anymore. When I left that agency it was all about getting quick decisions out and keeping the stats looking good for the higher ups, so they could keep their jobs. And in order to do that, they sacrificed a lot of good white workers, like me, who worked a little slower but put out a correct decision.

The weak links now are the nigger disability adjudicator who doesn't know or care enough about making a correct decision, the psychologist who tests the claimant and doesn't know or care about making sure the IQ scores are valid, the nigger psychologist or wigger psychologist on staff at the Disability Adjudication Services Agency, who doesn't take the time to be sure the test scores are valid, and then the adjudicator who doesn't take the time to question IQ scores that seem off.

I questioned a lot of test results by psychologists we sent our claimants to for testing because I didn't think the end result was valid. And I wasn't going to be a part of giving a check to someone who didn't deserve it. Now, with many of the whites gone from that agency, and niggers making the decisions about disability claims, things are going to be very different. Because either the niggers don't care about collecting the evidence to make a correct decision, don't know about the nuances of medical illnesses, or don't know how to properly adjudicate a claim, etc., so that many of the decisions coming out of that agency are now incorrect.

I'm telling you folks, this is the kwa in action, right here. Niggers and jews in charge and fucking things up for everyone. Welcome to the future of America. And there doesn't seem to be a damn thing we are willing to do about it.
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

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