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Originally Posted by Stronza View Post
If an adult were forced to sit in a classroom against his will and made to "learn" material he has not the slightest interest in, and subsequently refused to pay attention, would you say that this adult was a discipline problem? I sure wouldn't. When children study whatever they are interested in and is in line with their natural talents, discipline is never an issue. Never.

this was me. i was never able to pay attention in class. but eventually, when i found some of the things in class interesting, I started to pay attention. I always looked down on the kids that got good grades, and studied and payed attention to crap that they didnt really find interesting. and I always felt that I understood and learned the things 10x better than those kids, even if I got worse grades, because it really meant somethuing to me but not to them. That's ADD. it is actually a MORE intelligent kid than average. And these drugs are targeting the MORE talented, MORe vibrant kids. Pretty much consistent with all the other evil going on today, isn't it?
Now, I have to admit, that out of curiousity, I did go to a psychiatrist about 4 years ago to try some ADD meds. I wanted to see if it there might be soemthing magic to it after all. All it did for me was give me a buzz, increase my energy level and make me lose weight. i kinda liked losing the weight, so i kept using it for a year, but then I stopped taking it.