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Yeah, one of the problems with medication for a particular condition or ailment is the contraindications or what you have to endure for the medication to even supposedly work.

Middle aged women often have severe highs and lows emotionally and everyone in the medical field wants to get them on medication. I worked around enough of these women to see what medication did to them. Sure, it stopped the highs and lows, but it also zoned them out so much they didn't even have normal emotional responses to situations or things. They no longer laughed out loud or got upset at things that would normally get people upset. They were always smiling and whatever you said to them never got them upset or bothered. That's why someone like me who was not on medication always seemed so agitated, because they were so zoned out they were almost comatose.

Say what you will, but I'd rather have normal emotions and deal with them than live my life as a zoned out zombie.
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