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RE: Susan

Unfortunately, parents now can get government checks if their child is diagnosed with ADHD. I was a disability adjudicator for many years and saw lots of children diagnosed with ADHD and medicated and then put on disability.
Sadly, I'm seeing this up close and personal.

Six months ago a family moved in nearby and they have a 14 yo daughter who's been diagnosed with ADHD. They have her involved in Special Olympics and she's in special-ed classes in school. The mother receives a disability check in the amount of $632.00/month on behalf of the girl.

There is nothing wrong with the girl! Other than the fact that the live-in unemployed, alcoholic and abusive boyfriend of her mother hates the girl's guts and takes every opportunity to express his hatred for her. And her mother is the all-too typical bimbo who allows herself and her children to be abused by a sociopath with an explosive anger problem.

The girl is given a pill in the morning that clouds her thinking throughout the day and another at 8:00 at night that utterly knocks her out in 5 minutes.

I know of all of these things because the girl has confided in my wife and my wife has investigated the the girl's family situation. Many times over the past couple of months the girl has showed-up at our house looking for sanctuary and food and on several occasions she's asked my wife if she could come to live with us. I've never seen a person so beaten down and with such low self-esteem. The girl is quite beautiful and she's as sweet as can be, but she thinks herself ugly and outcast. Part of this may be due to the fact that when she brings a girlfriend from school to her home, her mother's boyfriend terrorizes them with his drunken rages and they never return.

We know that calling the state would be like throwing her out of the frying pan and into the fire. All we can do is try to comfort her and give her our love and guidance when she comes over.

We've also told her that our home is her home when she turns 18.

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