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I agree with most of what Alex Linder said, but I have need to comment on something. Robert Jay Mathews already tried that sort of thing before, but failed miserably. He couldn't get many "patriots" to actually join his revolution. You need economic poverty in order to have the right conditions to succeed. It's the condition that made the "extremist" movements of Hitler, Codreanu, Mussolini, etc. have the opportunity to get mass support. Even Jews know that, it's how their Communist movements had a chance at really spreading. It's also the reason the more "extreme" movements are growing in Russia (which is in a very bad economic situation for most of its people) today more than in most other European nations. I think the best thing to do now, besides using various methods to spread racialism, is to wait until the economy finally reaches a real depression and then take advantage of that situation (before the Jews do what they want with it, which is to recreate Communism).