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This is the first time I've been back to the internet since I last posted my comment, to explain why I haven't responded (if anyone even cares).

Alex, I agree with most of what you say. My suggestions earlier were suggestions to be tried before anyone resorts to violence. Sort of like giving it the ole college try one last time before one just starts slugging away.

I, too, am sick to death of internet chatter which is one of the main reasons I stopped getting internet into my home. Enough talk already. If no one is interested in actually meeting in person and attempting to network and plan, then fuck it. I'll just live my life like everyone else. I'll concentrate on making a living, and pursuing my own interests.......while watching and waiting for the shit to hit the fan. Maybe.

But, what if the shit never really hits the fan? What if everything just continues to deteriorate slowly--crime increases with Whites getting raped and murdered, Whites losing jobs and homes, then eventually when our numbers aren't enough to win elections any longer, the country being finally fucked by muds. All the while Whites simply sit by clueless. And all the while those of us who could do something, get too old to do anything.....or care.

Ultimately, I know that Whites won't win until blood is drawn from our enemies......and in huge amounts. But, if Whites are never willing to fight, then we won't win. I don't believe that younger Whites have what it takes to fight physically for their race. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope I am.

But, what if I'm not? What if after the baby boom generation is all dead, there's no one left who has any idea of racial identity or of the need to preserve it, or of its importance in continuing any first world country?

There's a lot of talk on the internet about in the future kicking jew and nigger ass, but by whom? and when exactly? This talk makes everything we hold sacred seem like a joke.

I live in north Georgia, about forty miles north of Atlanta, and I'm ready to start networking in person with other serious minded Whites, but there are none. There's only silly internet chatter, trolling, and time wasters. Enough already.

I was thinking the other day about exactly what is needed right now--all over the country. We need people who are willing to come out of the shadows and meet each other and start talking. We need to start Pro White groups that proclaim the groups for White people and their specific interests. We need to simply state that we hate no one, take up physical action against no one, that we are simply here for other Whites to have some place to meet other like minded Whites.

And, then, we need to make it clear that our main position, for the benefit of both Whites and other races, particularly blacks, is the racial re-segregation of America. The crime stats alone would be enough for this argument, but there are plenty of other reasons, of course.

Things would be difficult at first, but if we persisted, Whites would begin to come to us, because they would see that we are right, because we use facts, not emotion or hysteria or hate.

We point out that every other single racial and ethnic group in America has the above. It is only Whites who cannot come together based on race.

What the fuck have we got to lose? Is your life so goddamned important that you are not willing to sacrifice something for the future of White children in this country?

If we could organize a tight group of Whites (carefully screened) to come together for a weekend somewhere in middle America and network and discuss, we could begin to move forward. If we can't do something that way, then we all say we enjoyed meeting each other and go home.

Alex, nobody is willing to engage in violence right now. I see this as the only logical alternative.

I am 56 years old. How many more really good years do I have left? Most of the good minds on this website are people who are older than, say, forty.

One person cannot do this. It must be the work of a group of dedicated Whites who can support each other, when needed. We could enlist a good White lawyer to help us, too.

Again, I say, no one is ready for violence, not on a grand scale, how about giving this idea a try?