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Originally Posted by ScottRoberts View Post
So nothing to say Mr. Linder? Just going to call me out like that and not even bother to respond and let me know that it was simply a misunderstanding, a mistake of judgment, or to offer a simple admission that you just didn't know the person you assumed so much about? If you made the effort to edit your original comment, then you certainly could have found the time to acknowledge my response to it.

I am not trying to make a fuss over it, but I would expect you to at least acknowledge my response to your comments, where you were essentially calling me out (nearly a week has passed). Perhaps I expect too much, but I am merely asking a question here (one that I believe to be quite reasonable).

No, I intend to answer again. Posting stuff on the internet is not my chief concern, believe it or not. The short answer is you're wrong, the longer answer will go farther into why. What I see from reading your posts around here is you've got a huge ego and love the sound of your own voice. Not wholly bad things, I'm no great believer in humility, but they can easily make one sure of things he were wiser to doubt. Which is what I'll go over in my longer answer.