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Originally Posted by Leonard Rouse View Post
More "Inner-Party/Outer-Party" mumbo-jumbo from Gardner/Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil/Gardner in the past claimed to have been a big supporter of Stormfront. Look where SF is now.
He was also a friend of JJT, but I don't know how much that was/is true given JJT's interesting habits. As I recall Ygg was central to the 'WN Position Statements', which are hilariously vapid and general.

Now he's involved with a de-nutting of the TOQ universe.
Perhaps he should start by castrating himself? As to be frank TOQ has never been a nutters paradise as far as I can see, but to a mediocre moderate like Ygg it might seem like TOQ was a bunch of tin-foil hat-wearing nut jobs waving their guns periodically.

It pisses me off because when I first became aware of WN, I read all of Ygg's stuff. There's a lot of good stuff there.
I've read Ygg's work; although I must confess it was some time ago, but I never thought much of it particularly other than it was somewhat well-written and at times does show the unfulfilled promise of deeper thought. That said Ygg does get read and praised by many of the wet-behind-the-ears types who have as much grasp of racialism as I do the principles of quantum mechanics.

But these guys are losers, regardless of any good intentions, and I wasted a lot of time and energy on their punch-pulling.
Well you could tell that from the fact that Ygg has never even managed to break onto the Don Black-esque scene of 'WN' mediocrity and has; despite some claims to the contrary, never established himself as either an intellectual or a 'WN' authority unlike for example the equally mediocre Arthur Kemp (of 'March of the Titans' fame).

The only "good" thing in this is that TOQ is so inconsequential, none of this really matters.
That's true: I did once try to subscribe to TOQ for the sake of generally helping a counter-current outlet but they took my money, didn't bother to send me the copies and didn't seem to read their emails either.

I guess they might view it as odd that I don't like people taking my money and then offering customer service that even a jew would think was taking the piss.

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