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It's not about suicidally and moronically committing individual violence. It is about showing whites that the end-goal is a group capable, willing and ready to fight and die, not just a career of talking about how they are the oppressed losers (quite niggerish).

It is, preferably, about amassing a public force - a true group - that very clearly says we are the majority, and if you (present non-white authority) are going to marginalize us in YOUR media, not ours, and your questionable elections are found to not be putting us in power, then we have group force.

A group that can make whites truly feel they are fighting for what is theirs, not FEAR being public about what they all want (to live amongst their own people and not be ruled by foreign influence and usury), and know they have a competent force should someone threaten them.

People look at those characteristics and they think "Oh, you want the S.A. again".

And that is a moronic response. That is not just the S.A.. That is EVERY group that ever changed anything, whether politically or by force, from Leonidas and his small group of Spartans, to the founding fathers of the United States, to the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution (all who actually DID use force, they grouped up, and fought and died for their interests as a group, and that incentive was enough to bring others to join them). All the way back to Ancient times you will find that this is the common denominator in change: a group that is organized, CAPABLE OF FORCE IN THE VERY LEAST, who is attempting to obtain power without using it by saying: "there are more of us than you, this is the direction the country (or this land) is going, and you will oblige, or fall".

Of course, this is the problem with whites, to believe that you should "never resort to gangs and violence". Look how that is preached in schools. What they were really saying is "dear individualistic whites, never try forming a group that will fight for your lives again, let us continue to have our way while you TALK".

There is a time for talking. Then there is a time when you know you are ruled and slave to a master who laughs at your talking, no matter how sound your logic may be for your group, he knows that to accept it in any way, to give it any leeway, would be detrimental to his own group, so he continues to let you take comfort in TALK, and debate, while it remains as it has for the last 60 non-grouped non-force-capable talking years in white civilization: pure decline.

The Pusillanimous Era.

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