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Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
Most of Serebro's songs and videos – at least the ones that I've heard/seen – are free from wigger assclownery. I would say that the one you quoted is an exception – but at least it doesn't have negroes in it, which is more than one can say for "Aryan Goddess"/"Nazi icon" Tyler Swift's work.


I've never seen or heard of Serebro before now, so I'll take your word they aren't whiggers or twerk around with niggers.

I know Taylor Swift is not pure as the driven snow or really a Nazi icon. That's why the thread about her is in the Nutzpah Lounge--it's for laughs more than anything. Compared to other pop stars like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus, she's not so bad.
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