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Default How about an interview with Kievsky??????

This is something that is REAL and will WORK. If Kievsky would permit being interviewed. Maybe even some pics of people working togetheer and some kids pulling weeds or gathering eggs.

PLE farm/social network in CT/MA/RI area
Dear Friends,

I am farming a clayish property in an old mill town in Windham County, Connecticut and am building what I usually call a "social network" but could also be called a Pioneer Little Europe.

This is really as low key as it gets, but it seems to me the first baby steps of real White activism. Simply getting together one or two weekends a month to hang out is a big chore, it's like herding cats, with people so busy and such.

However, it is very rewarding. We usually do some of my farming projects; work is optional for PLE comrades. Just being there to chat with me helps me work better. The Amish say their work isn't tedious precisely because they are talking and laughing all day, and this is so true.

I have another farm in my social network, up the road from me, and my social network numbers about a dozen so far.

it is so important for us to socialize and get to know one another, face to face, on a regular basis, in order to sort out the truly committed from the hobbyists, and the functional from the defectives. I have a very mild, tolerant personality which conceals the fact that I am quietly judging the person with whom I am socializing. So I have a pretty good idea about the character of the people who visit. I haven't had any real defectives, I have had several who were not terribly committed, but most importantly, I've got a few folks who I know are rock solid individuals whom I'd trust with my life.

I'm always looking for more such individuals or WN families to spend a weekend day once a month or so here on the property.

I have a child, and I have some PLE comrades who bring their kids. This is especially good for the divorced fathers whose kids want to go play with other kids, instead of just hanging with dad. So divorced dads often visit me on custody weekends.

By the way, I have families over on one day, and childless folk on a different day.

Next year my farm and my nearby friend's farm will be selling food -- at farm markets and to the people in my PLE. I am doing a lot of potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, -- good staples. I also will have rabbits and chickens, though I am not supposed to sell meat. If the price of oil goes up, the price of food will go up, so I'll be able to save them money and they will be able to put their money into a WN enterprise.

Lastly, if things go really bad -- like social collapse, cut off of the food supply and/or rationing - etc., those who support this little farm enterprise today will have a guaranteed food supply in the event of a collapse or a massive rise in food prices. Hell, I might even give you a job as a farmworker AND garden guard. You may end up having to come and defend our little food supply from two legged varmints if things go bad. Right now my neighbors think I'm a kooky nut with all my fanatical gardening projects; tomorrow they may view me as someone "who better share with us now." I offered my neighbors some areas to do their own gardens, but they turned up their noses. So I, we, owe them NOTHING.

If things go bad, there will be an instant PLE here in Windham County. If you live in New England and want to be a part of that PLE, get in touch with me by e-mail, it's RFREEZ at Verizon DOT Net