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Originally Posted by Proud White Guy
Are you sure the 100k story is true? I just want to see people that did do their homework, and enlighten a lot of people, do well for their efforts.

I don't begrudge a guy making a few bucks, for himself, their books and,contributions are good for us.
I don't have a problem with activists making a few bucks or even making a living off what they do. If you're going to forsake having a career in order to be a full-time activist, well, you still need to pay the rent and put food on the table, and where else would that money come from than from your supporters? I'm not one of these guys who equates making money with being a sellout. In the case of books, I see no reason why an author shouldn't profit from his work.

In the case of Duke, though, I'm starting to think some of the stories about him might be true.

I sent Duke some money over a year ago for some books and a subscription to his newsletter, The Duke Report. I got the books but never received a single issue of the newsletter. After a few months, I sent him (or whoever handles his mail) a polite letter inquiring about this. I didn't get a response, so I sent a second letter a few months later. Again no response. More recently, I sent him an email. Still no response, and I don't expect to get one at this point.

The subscription was $30 or thereabouts, which is not the end of the world. But it's not about the money, it's the principle. Does Duke think his contributions to WN give him the right to rip off his supporters with impunity? How many other subscribers has he ripped off? If one of Duke's assistants had sent me a little note saying, "We're sorry, The Duke Report has been put on hold," I would've been fine with that. But apparently, Duke thinks so little of his supporters that queries like mine don't deserve a response. I've found this episode to be quite revealing of Duke's attitude towards his supporters.

I recently heard an interview with Eustace Mullins on the Rick Adams radio show (an .mp3 is available somewhere on the net) in which he had some interesting (and not very flattering) things to say about how Duke treated him and Willis Carto at the European American conference in New Orleans (don't know if he was referring to the 2004 or the 2005 conference). Since Mullins has been heaping praise on Duke for the last 20 years, I don't imagine he would be having this about-face if what he was saying wasn't true.

Then there's the recent story of how Duke solicited funds on Stormfront to help him fix his home after the hurricane, when he had previously reported that the hurricane hadn't damaged his home. Even if his story checks out, I have to wonder why it should be up to the people on Stormfront to be paying for repairs to his home.

I've heard it said that David Duke has had plastic surgery. Looking at the photo on the cover of My Awakening, it really does look like he's had plastic surgery. I wonder where the money to pay for it came from?

I like Duke's books, but when you connect the dots, a picture of a sleazebag begins to emerge.
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