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Default Superman strikes again

Originally Posted by Ron Doggett
I distributed 700 TAA-#3's tonight (DEC. 7) in James City County/Williamsburg, VA.
Excellent job. I helped Ron put out 1600 TAAs in Suffolk/Chesapeake on Tuesday night. Last night however, while I was resting, Ron the racial superman activist was putting more TAAs out in Williamsburg/James City County. Virginia is the number one State for TAA distribution because of people like Ron. And let's not forget SA Mann, who has also put out quite a few TAAs and whose distribution of over 2000 TAAs in Danville made the paper down there. All VNNers, let's thank these two men for their hard work and dedication in getting our message of truth to Whites in the Old Dominion. Their efforts are to be commended. White Solidarity. :cheers: