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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

12 OCT 07

Many thanks for your letter of 8 OCT 07. Indeed, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the powerful jew Freemasonic lodge, & various American jewish pundits, including Professor Ignatiev are calling for the 'abolition' of Whites. A recent ADL download states, as you guessed, that being White will be deemed prima facie evidennce of "racism" and "hate." As laws are now progressing, it is treated by ZOG as a crime to be a racially-aware White, but not to be a racially aware jew, Black, mestizo or other non-White. This is like permitting all nationalities to exist, except one. This treatment of Whites violates the ZOG's own Genocide Convention, which is U.S. law, but is not enforced equally, as such. When I asked a local FBI agent if the "hate crimes law" would be enforced equally, he laughed and said, "Don't hold your breath!" He asked me about local attractions, places he might go for an evening out, here in Brownest Yakima. I told him he could choose to go upscale or down: At Lefty's Tavern he could get knifed, but at Besa Me Mucho Restaurant he could get shot. Both places were also good for practicing Spanish. He thanked me for the introduction to the town, but said he'd head right home & skip the evening festivities. I said, "That's what I do, also." Yakima's night life can easily be one's death. I heard a statistic on the radio that crime victims are usually young, for they wander around at night, while geezers get off the streets after dark, probably because the geezers are tired, not wise.

How do we account for ZOG's success, over the centuries? Most sheeple are asleep, so they believe whatever ZOG tells them, & they are not aware of who they are, nor their own real interests. For those who are awake, ZOG offers them "silver or lead." Silver if they obey the will of ZOG & lead if they don't. ZOG allows me to persist in attempting to inform sheeple, as long as I'm ineffective. My danger will come if I ever become effective, but I see no signs of that!

I know that you have no reason to see your incarceration as a 'success,' but you have already succeeded if you can learn from your mistakes. Our principal job is to turn stumbling blocks into steppingstones, to turn obstacles into our advantages. Tolstoy mentioned in "War and Peace" that Russia's 'brilliant' military campaign against the French invaders had nothing to do with Russian brains, but with Russian stomachs: The French were retreating along their invasion route, which they had already depleted in regard to food supplies. The Russian forces could not pursue them on that line of march because they needed food. By going where the food was, south of the French retreat, the Russians outflanked the French & defeated them. There is much to be said in favor of following the line of least resistance, as long as we know who we are & what is good or bad for us. That's what I've done, while avoiding much silver & even more lead, while striving, also, to reduce my consumption of explosives. "Moderation in all things," as some say. What good is knowledge if one is not ready for it? I've been extremely fortunate in obtaining knowledge at the very moment I was ready to receive it. I enjoy many luxuries: as a journalist, I need not lie to my readers for my living; as a teacher, I also need not be a liar-for-hire, as so many are.

Your experience & the marks you have to show for it are better than any diplomas when you speak to young people aboutwhat they should do or not do. Living it commands more respect than just having read about it, I think, for most people, including myself. By reading & listening, we can learn from others' experience, so we do not have to repeat them ourselves, but it is up to us to distinguish valid secondhand information from that which is b.s. This is what good juries must do: separate fact from fiction.

ZOG has many candidates, but only one policy. Consider the times we voted for 'peace candidates.' Woodrow Wilson ran on the slogan: "He kept us out of war!" while he was working to get us in. FDR promised that he'd "never send our boys off to foreign wars," which is what he wanted, on behalf of his beloved Soviet Jewnion. Johnson accused his opponent of supporting much the same policy as Johnson adopted: escalating the Vietnam War by sending in more U.S. troops. None of the presidential candidates seems good for the sheeple of the Jewnited States, especially since Bush can get us into war with Iran, at any moment. Apparently, our ZOG is currently offending the Turks & the Russians. Since we've offended everyone, at one time or another, it seems we must re-offend those previously offended. Our definition of "world power" is apparently that we must offend the entire world. Such a deal! As we ape decadent Rome & thus go ape ourselves, there will be none to mourn our passing, least of all Israel, for which we made such great sacrifices. ZOG deems us all as expendable, just as its minions have said, whenever they urged us to die for 'democracy' in other countries, but never this one. We were never a democracy, but always a hypocrisy, for the benefit of rich racketeers. Of this we must all be aware. All the best. ORION!