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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

25 JAN 08

Hail Joseph! Thanks for your letter of 20 JAN 08 & the timely demographic news on invaded Ireland.

It would be best to leaflet a small town, rather than a mainly non-White big city. For example, leafletting Brownest Yakima would be a waste of time, effort & paper, since most people are Mexicans, Asians & Blacks + anti-White Whites of the most virulent variety. So, what message would you have on your leaflets? Who are the possible readers supposed to contact? What are they supposed to do? I know a few semi-good websites, but they are pretty general. The basic idea is to preserve Our Race, but most ostensible Whites I know want to do anything but that. I met a woman from Mexifornia who fled the Mexican reconquest at tax payer expense. She claimed that her reason for fleeing to Missoula, MT, was anything but her dislike of living in Mexifornia, so I told her all she needed to do was to wait for Meicans to occupy Missoula. Then she'd feel right at home. How would you expect a race-denier to respond to a pro-White flier?

Let's get back to the basics: White parents do not parent. They do not teach survival skills to their children, for they have none themselves. They are good Christian sheep, so they are at the mercy of wolves. Perhaps they've never had a survival thought in their consumerist lives. ZOG says race-mixing is good; the churches say it is. Employers enforce affirmative-action laws, by ZOG. As you say, public schools are dens of degeneracy, so to send one's child into such snake pits is really 'child-abuse.' Home-schooling is still possible, but not if the two parents are debt-burdened wage slaves, as mine were, back in the 1940s & 50s. Fortunately, our grandmothers pitched in, or I should say, my parents' mothers & my grandmothers. My American grandmother taught me to read, write & do basic math. My Scottish grandmother taught me the value of reading. The kosher kommissars of the Los Angeles Public School system distorted reading, writing & arithmetic so grotesquely that I could not learn the "3 Rs," & I knew that they could not teach me with their methods. I remember that th eelementary school teachers 'taught' their subjects as if we already knew them, but I did not, so Granny did the job, & I was off and running.

Home-schooling is the way Our Folk can defend their children & arm them with the knowledge they need for survival. But, sheeple parents must want to defend their children. No amount of information can make them want that. Would a leaflet do the job? Would a wee demonstration by K-K-Kooks in bedsheets do the job, provided the FBI approves? If non-Whites are organized, then Whites must do likewise, but they must first want to do so. I see what goes on here: First, I see a White girl with her Mexican girlfriend. Next, I see her with the girlfriend's brother. Next, I see her with a Mexican baby. If you were there, at the beginning, would you warn the girl, or would you try to warn her parents? What would you expect her parents to say? I've heard them say such things as, "We're all Americans." "We're all human beings." "We're all Christians." Who am I to assume the role of parent, anyway?

American Whites willingly gave up their freedom to raise their own children, but in kosher-commie ruled Hungary, the people fought to raise their own kids, by having the mothers stay home. The Reds wanted to give them "quality day-care," Stalin style. When the jew dictator, Rakosi, wanted the women to go to work, the Hungarians rebelled. The USA set them up with propaganda: "Revolt against communism & we'll help you!" But we didn't help them at all. Some Hungarians whom I've known fled to the West. Patriotic leaders were killed by Soviet KGB assassins & others were locked up in American gulags. Such a deal!

After the U.S. Civil War, our ZOG wanted Soviet-style indoctrination in its "Little Red Schoolhouses." Children were rounded up by U.S. troops with fixed bayonets in the 1880s, just like the Zoggies who enforced school Africanization in Little Rock, Arkansas, with bayonets. Oh, how 'democratic' we are -- NOT!

So how will Our Folk survive? Only if they WANT to survive. Until that time, we shall suffer major losses.

All the best. ORION!