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Kievsky, think outside the box. Why should we accept the 'legal' precedents of anti White systems, why continue to live in this modernized slavery? Money, in essence, is just an IOU. You don't have to... you shouldn't have to work, whether it's backbreaking manual labour or nerve wrecking office work, for usurious fiat money just to buy gold; another form of money, in order to do business. I can print a denomination on a blank piece of paper, give it, even for free as a gift, to another man or woman and tell them that I'll honour its value (I would decide what it would be, not bankers.) if they choose to buy something from me. Although I would have them sign it before they were to exchange it for my goods so that I would know that they would honour it back. That's all that money really is, a means of exchange and it doesn't have to cost to produce, or the cost should be nominal in comparison to the goods/services exchanged. Money doesn't have to be complicated, certainly it shouldn't be complicated with criminal usurious exponential compound interest rates, which were in fact against the law at one time.

While gold's supposed value may be somewhat independent of the counterfeit printing presses... actually YOU'RE WRONG! It's not, because you can supposedly buy gold for those counterfeit fiat notes and gold's supposed value is still being artificially manipulated. Is one kilogram of gold really worth the value of about $30,000 (http://www.jandm.com/script/bullion.asp Looks like it dropped in price. It was closer to $30,000 the last time I checked several weeks ago.)? Consider a reasonable wage of $30 per hour. Does one kilogram of gold really take 1000 man hours to produce? Just out of curiosity, how much would you expect to get back from your farming job if you put in 1000 hours of work?

Why should we be slaves of the gold mining companies? Why should they dictate what value the goods and services that we (the real produces) produce really have. They shouldn't and neither should bankers. You created the wealth, you have the right to issue currency to represent it. The problem at this time is that probably not many people (who don't yet know you) would accept your currency and that's the crux of the matter, the general acceptance. The only reason why the current usurious fiat money system hasn't collapsed yet is that the public in general still accepts and trusts in it. Mr. John Smith down the road knows that he can still exchange the bank notes for goods and services. But what will happen when they engineer another 'great depression'? And so again it comes back to you, the farmers, the backbone of civilization. If we are to free ourselves from this tyranny that we live under, you have to, hell, I say you ABSOLUTELY MUST start issuing local, usury free currency and start introducing it into circulation so that it gains acceptance.
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