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Originally Posted by Derrick MacThomas View Post
For up close and personal, a revolver is best every time.
A revolver will never jam and .38 special has killing power.
You can also leave a revolver loaded for long periods of time without having to worry about spring compression in the magazine.
There will also be no spent brass at the scene, which gives the ZOG troopers less physical evidence to work on.
.32 in auto has less hitting power than a .22. Look it up. .32 and .25 are useless calibres.
The smallest self-loading pistol calibre to consider is 9mm, but that is significantly inferior to .38.

A pistol is not an offensive weapon.
It is something you draw to either (a) kill yourself to prevent capture, or (b) as a weapon of last resort at close quarters.
In such situations, reliability and killing power are the primary considerations.
Go for a .38 with the longest barrel you think is appropriate to your concealment situation. The longer the barrel the more time the powder spends burning behind the projectile, so the more killing power it has.
Why are .25 and .32 worse than 38 special?
What about .380/9mmkurz?
Why is 9mm worse than .38?

You said look it up but most gun sites do not have reliable and truthful information.

Also if the magazine spring is compressed for long periods of time(magazine full for a long time) will it weaken and fail.
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