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When I was 14 I dropped a Deer with a 22lr. The entry wound was right behind the ear, and the exit wound was right through the top of the skull. So basically the bullet entered and probably bounced around several times inside the skull before it finally exited through the top. Which scrambled its brains. And this shot was from about 40 yards away. I'll admit it was a lucky shot, and that deer dropped straight to the ground, and didn't make as much as a twitch.

I've heard of people being shot in the leg by a .22 lr, and the exit wound for the bullet would be the neck area. Small rounds like a .22 lr have a habit of entering, ricocheting off bone and bouncing around inside you.

A well placed shot in the eye socket with a 22lr would mean death, it would go all the way through, ricochet off the inside of the back of your skull, and bounce around in your brain a few times before it finally made an exit.

Don't underestimate a 22lr, it can still kill you deader than hell.