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Originally Posted by Roy Wagahuski View Post
I actually anticipated this response hours ago. It is that predictable. As far as aerodynamics are concerned, at the velocities most handgun bullets go, and the ranges, drag simply isn't a factor affecting accuracy. Any bullet shape fares the same.
The chances of landing a 1 shot kill from 50 yards with most .45 ACP pistols would be nothing short of a lucky shot. I know Glocks aren't worth a shit much past 20-25 yards. Someone using a revolver, or a rifle shooting .45 ACP could hit a target accurately at 50 yards. But .45 ACP are most commonly shot from semiauto pistols.

And you aren't correct about your assumption that all ammo is just as accurate. If you are correct then why did I have to re-sight in my .300 WSM after I started using different rounds? Were talking 300 yard range here. I already know why, but I don't believe you do.