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Over 200 years ago, Paul Revere defied the King of England and risked life and limb riding for liberty. It is gratifying to see that same spirit of '76 still burns in the hearts of many Americans today. But your new oppressor is worse than King George ever was.

Make no mistake. This has the potential to give ZOG one helluva black eye. Its importance cannot be overstated. This is evidenced by the fact that ZOG has savagely reacted by now abolishing free movement between UK and Ireland. Well done John Bayldon for picking that one up.

From The Times July 25, 2008

Britain and Ireland agree to tighten border check

Richard Ford, Home Correspondent

People travelling between Britain and the Irish Republic by air or sea will be required to show an identity document under proposals announced yesterday to impose the first formal checks for more than 80 years. The change is to prevent the present free movement between the two countries from being exploited by people-traffickers, organised criminals and smugglers.


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