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Jason Ouwendyk: Another Warman Victim

In October, 2003 several individuals joined CAFE Director Paul Fromm in a press conference in the Parliamentary Press Gallery raising concerns about the Internet censorship mania of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the role of one of its then investigators, Richard Warman, in filing complaints that would be assessed by his fellow workers. Concerns were also expressed about Warman's long history of trying to harass and shut down those with views different from his own. Since then, every one who spoke up has been the subject of either a libel suit or a Sec. 13.1 human rights complaint launched by Warman.

Paul Fromm and CAFE were sued for libel shortly afterwards. Tom Kennedy, an Ottawa area monetary reformer, is the subject of a libel suit. Melissa Guille and the Canadian Heritage Alliance are the subject of a Sec. 13.1 Canadian Human Rights Internet complained filed by Warman. Marc Lemire whose carried much of the criticism of Richard Warman was soon the subject of a Sec. 13.1 complaint. In a final act of vengeance against his critics, Warman has now complained against Jason Ouwendyk and his Northern Alliance website. Naturally, Warman's old sidekicks at the CHRC have approved the complaint and sent it on to a Tribunal. Warman's pal Randy Richmond at the London Free Press reports (April 14, 2007) "A long-time white supremacy group and its leader have landed in front of a human rights tribunal. The Canadian Human Rights Commission notified participants yesterday it had found enough evidence on the Northern Alliance website, and about the group's leader Jason Ouwendyk, to warrant a human rights tribunal hearing. 'It really is disgusting,' complainant Richard Warman said yesterday about the Internet messages, calling for the deaths of disabled children and racial minorities. 'It is the lowest of the low to make these kinds of comments,' Warman said.

No date has been set for the hearing. Warman filed a complaint against Ouwendyk and the Northern Alliance to the Human Rights Commission in January 2006, based on messages posted on the Northern Alliance website between 2002 and the fall of 2005. The messages and photographs on the website expose groups to hatred and or contempt, contravening the Canadian Human Rights Act, Warman said." In typical soap opera style, Richmond defames Mr. Ouwendyk with the label "White supremacy." Mr. Ouwendyk, a strong immigration reformer and straight pride activist has never called himself a "White supremacist."