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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
I'm not smart enough to mine BitCoin, let's not kid ourselves.

Let me know if this is right:

IF I (or anyone) acquires BC via Coinbase or Gemini

we can store it on Trezor or ledger

and (key part) Coinbase or Gemini can't mess with it.

Is that correct?

They could ban the account, as they have others, but not stop us from having the BitCoin.
Yes exactly, buy it at those exchanges and move your coins to a ledger or trezor. Once your BC is on a wallet you own/control no one can take it away, they could ban bitcoin but not actually take yours. It is all about the public/private keys, as long as you're the only one with the private key you're safe. That is one reason why exchanges aren't safe, they have your private keys and you do not.