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Default Jew dominoes.

Originally Posted by Alex Linder
No rational man can doubt that the WTC buildings were blown up after watching this video. It's about an hour.
The jews' immortally standing dominoes.

Let's take Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor, the "day that will live in infamy" all right, took place on December 7, 1941, and launched a heretofore unwilling America into all out war against GERMANY (which was the point, not so much Japan -- as we easily see by the kid gloves with which Japan was handled after their defeat [admittedly more or less ignoring the relatively limited, but vastly more hyped, holocaust committed against Japan of Hiroshima and Nagasaki] and the utter HOLOCAUST of death, destruction, and enslavement, that the jews perpetrated against Germany after their defeat -- and are STILL perpetrating).

Only now, SIXTY YEARS or so later, after all the participants ARE DEAD, does it become widely known and completely established that Pearl Harbor was a False Flag operation by the U.S. government against America. What is less known, even now, is that it was a jew operation. But that is slowly slowly becoming known also -- in line with what I am about to say.


Something VERY DIFFERENT is happening here. THIS TIME, the truth is getting out -- because of the internet -- only FIVE YEARS AFTER THE JEW CRIME. The participants -- the U.S. government and the jews who run it -- ARE NOT YET DEAD AND BURIED.

What are the implications of this huge difference. Here are some conjectural possibilities. I don't know what the odds are of these coming to pass. Perhaps very slim. But the possibility of their doing so seems to me real and viable, if small.

1) I think there is a definite possibility that these anti-White anti-American traitors will be tried and electrocuted within our lifetimes.

2) There is a definite possibility -- if freedom of speech on the internet can be kept alive long enough -- that the jew role in this crime will be outed -- that this one jew domino will fall. (Bush is probably a jew himself -- it wouldn't at all surprise me.)

3) And, if this jew domino falls, there is a distinct possibility that it will start a chain domino reaction against all the other jew dominoes now still standing. And, in short, the jew jig will be up -- will be widely known by the general, lemming public.

What then?

Scenario One: Full bore anti-white police state.

Scenario Two: White Revolution by a small Spartan White minority -- and the White lemmings siding with the kwa government and the non-whites and brutally obliterating the White Revolutionaries, leading to a speed-up in the on-going genocide of the White Race.

Scenario Three: White Revolution by a small Spartan White minority -- and succeeding eventually in awakening the potential White racial loyalty of the White lemming masses -- leading to freedom from White enslavement and to true White Nations, perhaps a huge, unified White World Confederacy.

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