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Originally Posted by Squarehead Chris View Post
I recently gave away about half of my life.
This is shit I've been hauling around with me for years, but rarely use these days.
A nice TV, countless "second tier" power tools, a heavy duty stereo system, (I don't blast too much music anymore), boxes of old clothes (most of which no longer fit, but I hauled them around anyways), about 500lbs. of assorted shit out of my garage, on and on.
It was a very cathartic experience.

These days I find I'm much happier with just a few, useful, high quality items at hand.
Ones I can actually use.

Fuck all that encumbrance.
Exactly! You've got the spirit. It is positively liberating.

I can't believe I dragged around so many old electronics from my old business. All of them worth nothing, basically. It's an nutty mentality, but hard to get free from - the idea that, sometime in the future I will need/use this again., you really won't. The only thing I have continually found useful that I saved and dragged around for decades from my older stuff has been...envelopes. Everything else, all the old computer gear etc - never used it, just one big 15-year, dragaround hassle. D'oh is me.

The rule of thumb the minimalist types goes by is that if you don't use something at least once a year, get rid of it. Some say six months.

Especially the electronic stuff - it's rapidly outmoded. You can't really make any money selling it. It can take up a huge amount of space. The fact that one paid thousands for something in (1992) doesn't mean a damn thing in 2014. What does it do for you now? It, uh, takes up lots of space? Get rid of it then!

What you want is a lot of money and freedom, not a lot of goods. That's one way to look at it. I guess if you have billions like Jay Leno you can maintain a fleet of classic cars, but to me, I don't want to collect anything.

Then you can concentrate on what you really want to do with your life and time - your work, whatever that is. Your relationships with good people. Your garden. Whatever it is that you do.