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Originally Posted by Alex Him View Post
Moscow is supporter of balance of the power
Balance in the force , you meant ?

On a side note , one of the funniest interpretations of Star War I ever heard was that it was supposedly an allusion to the Cold War ( it was filmed during that time . .) , claiming that the fact that the Imperial lightsabers are red and those of the Alliance blue would actually be an allusion to the red colour of Communism and blue as the colour of NATO .

In other words . . .

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Sorry , but I don't think so .

What a cheerful music
I knew you would like that

No . . . but seriously . . .

Dschinghis Khan had specialzed on 'ethno-music' ( i. e. music which points to a certain culture . . .)

Their version about the Middle East :

( hope the vid is available in your country )