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Blacks Loved Slavery and Regretted Its End – Daily Stormer

Sometimes you don’t ever think of a thing, but when you hear it, it is obvious. This is the way it was for me, coming across the real narratives of slaves, which prove that black people in fact loved slavery, and regretted that it ever ended.

While never believing the idiotic Hollywood gibberish about how all the masters abused their black staff for no reason, I suppose I just took it for granted that blacks would have preferred freedom over slavery, and the whole thing was a bit unfair to them. Now that I have come across this information, it makes perfect sense that they would have felt comfortable and satisfied living as slaves.

Clearly, as slaves, they had things that they never would have had otherwise. For one, they had a stable family structure. They were treated like children – but children that were loved, a part of the family – and the masters made sure that they married and stayed together. They were also given order, and knowledge of the joys of a hard days work. The comfort that they had living in houses built by Whites was something they never would have had if they hadn’t been slaves.
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Because they are clearly ignorant of true history. only to believe the lie taught by their (((masters))).

The Jews not only brought African slaves into America, but also made their descendants hate us for non-existent brutality.