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@ Zack . .

Why do blacks exist?
I also have always wondered about that question . .

TBH , they do not seem too ((beneficial)) to the planet . .

Absolute trashers of civilisation . . Destructive etc .

Or to put it a bit more . . ahemm . . humane . .

Originally Posted by )))Marc((( View Post
Over 600 ,000 American Whites were forced into killing each other to free the negro. That's depressing ; time for reparations. I want my postal job.
Yes, the American civil war certainly wouldn't have happened without the blacks in the U.S. . .

And . . I might add . . without the NWO . .

These families are also the same individuals that created the war between the Northern and Southern peoples of America ( Note by ColdFire: The Rothschild bank in London financed the North and the Rothschild bank in Paris the South ). The families, in coalition with munitions makers who also had no allegiance to any one country, created the civil outbreak that occured in America. The battlefields were manipulated; the North wanted the wealth of the South. The enslavement of the human being was not the reason for this scourge, but merely an excuse for it. The slaves were already in the process of receiving their freedom, long before this outbreak occured. The war was contrived to gain control of Southern wealth.