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It wasnt Jefferson and Washington that gave them the vote. That should tell you all you need to know.

Obviously, the full fruition of the female vote came to roost when Johnson, Carter, and Klinton--2 of them early metrosexuals---came in and nearly caused financial and political collapse. So I'd include **most modern men in the equation of "females". Whether they have a penis or not, theyre basically chicks with a vote.

The only thing that can return things to 'as nature intended' would be some kind of catastrophe that sends most people back into a survival mode.

In lieu of that not happening, the best men can hope for is to outsmart the whole thing, avoid the libtards, and become part of a community that is left alone somewhere like Wyoming. THey need some really good lawyers. Such as creating a "religious community" or a "tax free" non profit, or whatever. As the world becomes less stable and scary, there would be droves and droves of women trying to get into the compound.

You dont want a target on your chest like those dumb asses in Oregon.

I dont agree with your denominational conclusions here, this had nothing to do with Christianity. If anything, Christianity has been the only force to retain the nuclear family the past 50 years since the socialistas got all the womyn wanting to be "equal" by working 10 hours a day. Evangelical Christians have consistently voted as a block for the ability of the father in the home to be the head of the house, and that he should work while the woman raises the kids. Not only that, but against "TRANS GENDER" bullshit, and against faggotry. But whatever.

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