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Meanwhile in the US, support for the current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is particularly strong among angry, frustrated, white, less-educated men in their 40s.
The commie Guardian oozes condescension & contempt when talking about this demographic - uniquely: the demands of perpetually pissed, city-destroying niggers are 100% legit & Must Be Addressed; those of Whites are just the whinings of "less-educated" losers who used to be on top and don't like getting a taste of their own medicine....

Young, angry white voters may be on the rise – but without the votes of women and older people they will always hit a ceiling.
Women & the old are both easily frightened by jew-skewing & as self-centered as fuck. As for the Young Angry Whites & that allegedly perpetual "ceiling" the Guardian-type fags think will protect them & their genocidal agenda: today's deadwood aged are keeling over every day, to be replaced by the more politically astute who can see that their complacency allowed the jews to run roughshod & destroy the basics of our survival.

In short: you'll get yours, bastards.
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