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Karl Lueger

Lets see, albo-scum has the following "qualities"..
Narco-terrorists, involved in White slave-trade,
established an "albo-mafia" in every wetsEuro and American city they infest,
kill WHite people and occupy their territory, used as tools of zog to destroy White ethnic-states,
turk-mogrel tribe occupying European soil..
sounds like a dumber version of the kikes, no wonder they get along so well,
albos just may be the perfect "goyim'..

"..his country shines a light on Jewish history and how it respects human dignity."

Trying to li like a kike, to impress a kike, in their kike-like hatred of Slavic people..while infesting Serbian land,
killing people and destroying centuries old Serbian monasteries and cemeteries..LOL, basically alboz are another kind-of mestizo,
but far WORSE than any spic..
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

Rambo, John J.