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Originally Posted by Angel Ramsey View Post
What about the C.I. nuts? I know NOTHING about C.I.....Just wondering.
Christian Identity is a "denomination" of Christianity that developed because so many White racial separatists grew up brainwashed into believing that hell is real and that they would go there if they did not worship the Jewish god, Yahweh, and the Jew, Jesus Christ, as Yahweh incarnate. Their irrational fear of hell is so great that they sought to justify their worship of the Jewish deity by arguing that Yahweh and Jesus weren't Jewish at all, they were part of the imaginary White Israelite culture that the Christian Identity adherants created to rationalize their adoration of the Hebrew deity.

That's right, according to the Christian Identity followers, the Afro-Asiatic Hebrews were White, just like Europeans - in fact, according to Christian Identity, Europeans are the "True Israelites" being descended from the lost tribes of the Hebrews.

Jews, on the other hand, are Turkish imposters that only claim to be Israelites, according to Christian Identity doctrine. C.I. declares that all the Jews are desceded from Khazar Turks that converted to Judaism by the 9th century AD. and that the Khazars are the spawn of Satan.

The Turkish Khazars did in fact convert to Judaism as their state religion, as many Jews had already settled in the territory occupied by the Khazars; but the majority of the Jewish people have been genetically proven to be of Semitic descent and originated in the Levant. Christian Identity followers refuse to acknowledge such facts, however and only stick with the evidence that they can warp and twist to support their own desperate attempts to prove that the god they live in fear of is White, so that their worship of Yahweh and Jesus, does not conflict with their own White racial separatist ideology; even though it requires serious acrobatics of the mind to contrive.

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