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Default Jerusalem church built at Virgin Mary’s holy site vandalized

Church of the Dormition In Jerusalem Vandalized; Holy Virgin Mary Site Defaced With Graffiti Used By Jewish Extremists

Police in Israel are investigating who vandalized the Church of the Dormition, one of Jerusalem’s best-known places of worship.
They discovered the vandalism on Friday, The Associated Press reported. The church is believed by Christians to be built on the site of the Virgin Mary’s death, AP said.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said vandals had scrawled anti-Christian slurs on the walls and that the phrase “price tag” was written on the exterior, AP reported.
The phrase is used by Jewish extremists in protest of the Israeli government’s pro-Palestinian policies and in revenge for attacks by Palestinians, AP reported. “Price tag” has been scrawled on other mosques and churches and even Israeli military based several times in recent years, AP said.

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