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Stewart Meadows

Then there’s the crappy, jew-produced reality show The Bachelor (and its spin-offs) which promotes race-mixing. Here's just one example:

This garbage was created by jew scumbag Mike Fleiss, who allegedly beat his pregnant wife, stalked several actors and is a cousin of the infamous jewish pimp Heidi Fleiss:

Mike L. Fleiss[1] (born April 14, 1964)[2][3] is an American producer and writer. (…) He is the creator, producer and writer of The Bachelor, The WB's Superstar USA, The Bachelorette, The Will and High School Reunion.
In November 2014, Fleiss was criminally charged for harassing Baywatch star David Charvet and his wife, actress Brooke Burke[1]; the case was eventually dismissed. In July 2019, Fleiss' then-wife Laura Kaeppeler alleged that he physically assaulted her while she was pregnant after he "demanded she get an abortion", prompting the Kauai Police Department to lead a criminal investigation.[6] Two weeks later, Kaeppeler dropped the assault charges and received a $10-million settlement.[7]

Mike Fleiss, the creator/producer of “The Bachelor,” is a cousin of Heidi Fleiss, the notorious Hollywood madam.

Fleiss was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her parents, Paul M. Fleiss (1933–2014), a Jewish American pediatrician,[2][3]