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Stewart Meadows

The sleazy jewish pornographer and (alleged) rapist "James Deen" (the guy from my OP) has teamed up with America's biggest producers of dildos and butt plugs – who also happen to be jews, just like "Deen":

Behind the Scenes With James Deen

July 23, 2012 By Michael Kaminer

“Doc Johnson” doesn’t sound Jewish. But the nation’s biggest manufacturer of sex toys is owned and run by the father-and-son team of Ron and Chad Braverman, and July’s Los Angeles magazine delivers a behind-the-scenes look at their “empire of rubber” — and the Jewish porn star they’ve enlisted to make it even bigger.

Fly-on-the-wall style, the story records the action as adult-film actor James Deen — who famously told Haaretz last year that he “still has money invested from his bar-mitzvah” — inks a deal with the Bravermans to replicate a certain part of his anatomy for an estimated $20,000 fee.

The First Family of Dildos

Chad Braverman is leading a tour of his family business, the largest sex-toy manufacturer in America. “Dongs, dildos, masturbators and butt plugs — that’s 99 percent of what we do here,” Chad says matter-of-factly, traversing the noisy expanse of the factory floor, part of a six-acre compound of white-washed buildings in a light-industrial district in North Hollywood that’s been catering to sexual tastes for 41 years.

Look at the picture that they used in the above article:

The big dildos are black and brown, whereas the small or medium-sized ones are white/pink.

Sleazy porn jews are always promoting the ridiculous big black dick myth.

"The First Family of Dildos":

Ron Braverman (Left) with daughter Erica (Middle) and son Chad (Right)