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Here's an older article from Jewish Business News about the jewish porn peddler Steven Hirsch, who specializes in the production of disgusting interracial pornography (as I showed in one of my previous posts):

Published On: Sat, Feb 2nd, 2013

Steven Hirsch The Porn king against LA new safe sex regulations

By Yael Segev

Imagine the next scene: a young brunette woman approaches a dark tall stranger in the crowded LAX airport. “How long can you linger?” she whispers in his hear before they both disappear in the men room…. In the middle of this hot scene, while the narrow restroom’s walls are unable to stop this sudden passion, the young women pulls out a condom and urges her partner to use it: “We have no choice”, she breathes heavily, “The LA district health department is coming to get us…”

Sounds like a fantasy? Not if you ask Steven Hirsch, the well-known founder and co-chief executive officer of “Vivid” Adult Entertainment group” who filed a lawsuit against the senior management of the LA District Health Department and the district attorney, Jackie Lacey, due to the November 2012 new regulations, forcing the porn industry to use condoms on set.

The LA multi millionaire, also known as “The Porn Baron” has been advocating against government efforts to monitor porn watch for years. A short while after the HIV panic of 2004, after a series of HIV infections in the sex industry film Hirsch supported actor’s right to choose whether to wear condoms on set or not. More than that, Hirsch and Vivid describe the recent legislation as a violation of the first amendment, and a violation of the adult entertainment film makers’ freedom of expression. Hirsch also warns that recent legislation will force the prosperous sex industry to leave LA County.

As the head of one of the leading companies of the industry, producing around 60 movies a year – He certainly knows what he is talking about. Hirsch’s empire, founded in the mid-eighties, is reaching more than 7 million customers every month. Focusing not only on hardcore porn movies, but a series of branded products, such as Vivid vodka, hard cover books, condoms, sports equipment and T- shirts.

Since the early days of the company, Hirsch’s main goal was shifting the adult entertaining business into the mainstream