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I just downloaded his book

Trudeau, Kevin - Natural Cures They don t want You to Know About.pdf

He pushes this website in it.

He also recommends many other books to read..

It looks interesting Ive just skimmed through it but there don't seem to be any major secrets in it.Hard to criticize something that I got for free.

He is A salesman he wants your money and he has many different ways of getting it.

Kevin Trudeau is fast becoming the nation's foremost consumer advocate. Knowing from firsthand
experience the power of greed, Kevin pled guilty to felonies in his youth and spent almost two
years in prison realizing that "the love of money" is the root of all evil. Kevin then re-prioritized his
life. His new business and personal mission statement became, "We positively impact the whole
person." Today Kevin is known as one of the great American success stories.
He's perfected his craft.