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Dale VanderMeer

Bravo! You guys did an awesome job!Infiltration, alerting ICE and protests. You are an inspiration to us!

Looks like you killed two birds with the same stone!:
Immigration raid: biggest kosher meatpacker started by Jews in 1987

Originally Posted by Klaliffia View Post
Late yesterday 14 of us went down to waterloo and held up signs thanking immigration for their work in capturing as many illegals as they did. ... 4 of our guys had us flags and my 5 yr old son was holding a smaller us flag.
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Since August of 07 members of the Fraternal White Knights and the Iowa Knight riders along with members of the Aryan Werwulfe Brotherhood have been constantly calling ICE on the Postville plant here in Ia. When they demanded proof of illegals working in the jew owned plant, we sent members in to work there and gather that info.