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I would like to mention that this certainly wasn't just us as I'm sure your aware. Looks like alot of upset individuals were in on this which helped alot I'm sure. You can bet that if you do the same, there are other complaints out there that it is added to until someone starts paying attention.

On another note: The talk is what this will do to the economy. I say it wont matter. Sure the place is run by joos, but alot of people rely on the place to feed their kids, besides the swimmers. But look at the time of year. Up here hundreds and perhaps thousands of White kids will be looking for summer jobs. This is Iowa, they will do that type of work. So will the grown folk who will slowly take the kids jobs and fill in what the swimmers vacated when deported! Don't let the politicians fool you, there are very few jobs out there that White Americans wont do if they are paid a decent wage!

This only took a fraction out of the unemployment rate. We have alot more places to hit.
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