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This Raid on postville is a bunch of BULLSHIT!!! I live 20 minutes from Postville. I am from NE Iowa and MULTICULTURALISM should have never come to Iowa but that JEW LOVING MULTICULTURALIST Tom Vilsack let it happen.

North East Iowa is infested with BEANERS and when ICE pounced on AGRIPROCESSORS the mexicans scattered like cockroaches in a kitchen when the light is turned on!!!
KWWL Waterloo "According to Bruce Braley's office, ICE officials told them as many as 600-700 people could be arrested during the raid."

DesMoines "Nearly 400 workers were arrested on Monday, May 13, at Postville's Agriprocessors Inc., the nation's largest kosher slaughterhouse. the workplace raid was the largest in Iowa history. The 390 people arrested represent almost one-third of the plant's 968 workers."

The biggest problem is that out of the 390 "FELLONS" that ICE caught most of them have been set free. The leftist Liberals, the multiculturalists, the GOD freaks, the FemiNazi's, the Touchy Feeley's and the All Around Do Gooder's all have a hand in making this happen. Plus the MSM is keeping it Hush Hush as much as possible "as usual".