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WOW! This is the single best piece of White activism I've ever seen! You took down Agriprocessors! WOWOWOWOWWOW! That is friggin' huge! I had no idea that WN's had a hand in that!

Good job good job, a thousand times, that's really outstanding work. You got 'em, bro! You outsmarted those bastards, you got ZOG to clean out one of their own rats nests that got too ratty even for ZOG!

You got my nomination for White activist of the decade. Taking down Agriprocessors -- none of us has ever heard of anything that comes close to that. Some Armenian in Watertown, MA got the ADL "no place for hate" program kicked out of most MA towns, but that pales next to taking down Agriprocessors and getting them fully exposed to the townspeople of Postville.

Words fail me. I wish I had money to send you. You are a true hero.
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