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Originally Posted by JJVR View Post
Oh, I hope you people don't mind - I am VERY outspoken when referring to certain sections of our population - I call them KAFFIRS, so please, if anybody objects to the term, please let me know and I promise to be a little more discreet! You see, I grew up in an age when the term "kaffir" was widely accepted, when there was no such body as the so-called "human rights commission" to drag you kicking and screaming before a magistrate and charging you with what is commonly termed "hate-speech" here, but never mind whether the kaffir refers to you as white trash and sings "One settler, one Bullet" and "Bulala amabunu" (Kill the Boer, kill the farmer."
Welcome, and thanks for the links. We are mostly Americans, with many Europeans, and we don't mind kaffir at all. As with 'bloody' as used by English, we understand what it means, but it doesn't carry the emotions with us.