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Emily Henderson

This is a favored topic for me.

Disney was a 33 degree Mason, and founder of 'Club 33' in the New Orleans section of Disneyland.

Anthropomorphizing animals is one aspect of Disney that is all screwed up. And there is a purpose in that.

The early 'Alice' films are also full of pedophilic overtones, one of the most outstanding being this one:

Lots of subliminals here, esp the 'ringing of the bell' which is the stroking of a penis at the 5:00 mark, the 'Sausage Factory', and the oral copulation of the Priest (7 and a half min mark).

Some of Honor's assertions in his series I don't agree with, but much is right.

Now, Lenon Honor is indeed a nig nog. But he gets this right. Like Farrakhan.
He has a film explaining that 'Beat It' is really about group male masturbation that is quite good, and he got that one right, too imo.

Walt Disney founded an intergenerational bad influence on the family unit.
It just became more pronounced over time. The Jew masters of his empire have taken it further, but they've always had the theme of sexualizing kids, separating kids from parents, and so on.

Does anyone believe Disney would've been allowed this level of success otherwise? He's part of the 'Cabal'.

It's no accident that stars like Miley Cyrus start out with little girls and progress to complete whore-dom, encouraging those who idolize to do the same. From Hanna Montana (girl rock star with make-up, wigs, and a lifestyle counter to a normal child lifestyle), to Miley as an adult being 100% whore. Very deliberate grooming.

But it always was. All of Hollywood always was. Look at the 'Baby Burlesque' series that Shirley Temple was in--extremely sexualized story lines, being performed by diaper wearing babies.

Nobody should let their child be immersed in Disney-old or new, imo.

Here's a White Guy vid on it. His Xtian raving is hard to listen to but the symbology is there:


There is a radically anti-German, anti NS Disney flick as well, and several anti-German cartoons.
Here's one of the most insulting to White Germans, "Donald Duck der Nazi", from 1943:

Kill the TV for the most part. Jerry Mander got that right, too, in 1971.
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