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Default Like Angry Xtians--lots of cryin', no 'splainin' Counter-arguments

Jane Wyman, Reagan's first wife and a child actress, and several other celebs, are on record claiming Walt Disney was indeed a pedophile. Never was there a court case and the man is dead--but these people are on record and u can judge for yourself:

Wyman said he was inappropriate with Bobby Driscoll:

"..Actress Jane Wyman (ex of Ronald Reagan) alarmingly said, "there was something going on between Walt and Bobby, something that's been hushed up, something that should be investigated.."

"..Disney also confided in gay director George Cukor that "mothers wouldn't let their kids go see a Disney picture if word got out that I'm a homo.."

from: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com...#ixzz4e0LaHM82

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