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Originally Posted by Jim Harting View Post
I was surprised to read the following comments in the Goebbels Diaries:
Frau [...] visits me in the afternoon. We see the American Disney film Snow White, a magnificent achievement. A fairy tail for grown-ups, thought out to the last detail and made with a great love of humanity and nature. An artistic delight!
Entry for Monday, February 12, 1940.
Hitler liked 'Snow White' as well, and was impressed with American animation quality.
He also did watercolors of the seven dwarfs:

He hated Mickey Mouse.

I particularly liked 'The Rescuers' as a child and 'Snow White'. But I didn't know I was being inundated with subliminal shit, either. As most people don't, that's why it's 'sub' liminal.

Having a pretty White princess story is not unusual for the time period--things are changed (by things I mean societies and outlooks) over time.

It's like a steady drip turns into a stream.

There is no disputing that the anti-'Nazi' films were put out by Disney when Disney was alive, and no disputing his being a Mason.

A Deist Mason, 33rd Degree.

Hitler utterly abolished Freemasonry in Germany.

What Goebbels thought of Masons:
"..Dr. Joseph Goebbels as Reichsminister for propaganda and national enlightenment under Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime, he inaugurated in 1937 an "Anti-Masonic Exposition" to display the booty seized by the Gestapo.."
from http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/50025
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