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Default Love Us Like You U Love Our Culture -

Love Us Like You U Love Our Culture

We could say exactly same thing to Black People. Everything they do is White, is part of White Culture, they use White Culture, White Inventions, White products every day, they live a 96% White Life.

I read once that we, White people, according to “The Voice “ black newspaper that we Whites live in a “Creole Culture” (mixture of Black and White) apparently, because some of our Youth wear some Black fashions, but I would argue that it is Black people who live in our culture, not us in theirs:

Nearly everything a Blackman does from the moment he gets up in the morning, to the moment he goes to bed and sleeps is White (or at least non-black), nearly everything he will do that day will be White, everything, no matter how mundane, everything was invented by Whites. Everything was invented by someone. 90% of the world`s inventions are White. So let’s take a typical the first twenty minutes of a day for our Typical Blackman( I was going to do a whole day, but the list would be too long and too too tideous):

The alarm clock (White invention = from now on = WI) goes off, that quilt he was sleeping in, the fabric it is made from to the filling it has, everything, White Invention! He puts his feet down on a carpet (white invention) goes down stairs in his white designed house made from white invented materials, bricks, cement etc. goes in the kitchen turns on the tap(WI) and gets a drink using a glass(WI) tips the excess down the sink(WI) he turns on the cooker (electric or gas WI) gets some eggs from the fridge (WI) and gets a teflon frying pan (WI) and starts cooking his eggs gets some bread precut (WI) and puts them into the toaster (WI) gets the margarine (WI) from the fridge (WI) and a stainless steel butter knife(WI) from the draw(WI) cooks his breakfast and sits down to read his newspaper(WI) and checks his post(WI). I could go but the list would get too tedious
Only twenty minutes in and we can see he hasn’t done anything particularly “Black”, but he has used White inventions and lived a White life so far. the truth is that he lives in our world not us in his, it is they who live in our World not us in theirs, Whites live in a “ Creole culture” indeed.

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