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The White Man must decide to rule the world or the Jews will. They are forcing us to make a move. It is our duty to stop them. We cannot allow the Jews to inflict their tyranny on humanity under a one-world rule - or New World Order.

No decent people should sit around and allow evil. Already the Jews are inflicting a state of madness while we look on horrified, but inert. Subconsciously, we know what to do. Subconsciously, we also know we must. Every bit of power the Jews have comes from us. Don't tell me we can't do what we please with what is ours! In the eyes of the unseen Powers above we must take our place as world rulers - or go to hell.

We are obligated to Science and Truth and justice and freedom and peace. Under the Jews there won't be any. Ruthlessness is required. But ruthlessness is not wrong when it is right.
The birth of every white baby is the First Born of the next generation.
"Segregation did not exist to hold back other races. It existed to protect us from them." D. Roof