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Originally Posted by Heather Blue View Post
We are paralyzed because the powerful positions in our culture are controlled by the Jews. Kind of puts a head lock on things, doesn't it? How can anyone do anything when the seats of power in our own Society have been taken over by a sub species of liars?
The Jews worked hard to get where they are. They admit working hard and getting ahead. They brag about it. They actually feel deserving. But what they don't tell anyone is what they worked at. Lies. Millions and millions of lies. So many lies they would cover the earth from one end to the other. No one in history has told as many lies as the Jews.

Funny thing...Jews being powerful. They are not worth a damn. They have not one redeeming virtue. They contribute nothing worthwhile to life. Rather they are an arch enemy with nothing but a bloated ego. They work against both God and man. Their existence is a curse. Their demise would be a blessing. God would not stand in the way.

We do have a commandment from long ago. (I notice commandments. Ha)

In the Book of Matthew: 16. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and - glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Science, law and order, peace, prosperity, freedom, human progress, advancement....a light unto the world. So that people may glorify Him who made us a light before men.

Who is Him? The Great Programmer? The Bestower of ingenuity, original ideas, invention, discovery....He who hardwired the west for Science and technology, great governments, a way of life based on freedom, peace, prosperity and justice? Maybe, I am naive, but I would call the west a light before men. I would also say that being that light definitely honors the Great Programmer.

When the Jews killed Jesus they did not merely kill an upstart. They killed his ingenuity, his genius, His mercy toward humankind, His healing the sick, feeding the hungry, all His incredible gifts and blessings. They knew they would deprive the people of goodness, of healing, food, attaining wisdom, understanding truth, feeling better about themselves, having hope.... That is what the Jews wanted, making them hopeless, victims of misery and suffering. The Jew's ego could not stand anything fine and splendid.. They are still doing it. (And they call this the new world order? It is as old as hades.)

The commandment to be a light before men still stands. We are the light. We are the Master Race. Does it behoove the Master Race to sneer at the commandment and relegate it to the back burner as archaic and out of date?

You know, maybe it is merely a matter of jump-starting our will. Then we will know what to do. As long as we keep that black blood out of our veins we remain hard wired for greatness.
Funny you should say this as Monday the former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura claimed if they would "let" him run for president; he would beat them all. He also stated that for the last 28 yrs, the Bush team and their cronies have ruled the roost. I believe he would be a better president that the assholes that are running. He asked "when are you lemmings going to wake up"? WELL, I WONDER THAT MYSELF